Sunday, October 21, 2007

Corrections from Debaliviere entry

My mom finally read my blog and pointed out a few facts I had wrong. Some of which my dad told me.
I didn't know Bob Koester actually lived with us for a while when I was a baby. We lived on Goodfellow on the north side. Apparently Koester had chronic migraines and wasn't easy to live with.
Here are her notes.

· Koester's record business wasn't a store downstairs from "The Garret" but a mail order business from "The Garret". Once a month Koester gathered some friends together to collate "The Jazz Report", a list he mailed out of 78's he had available for mail order sale. The Garret was subleased from artist Bill Fett.

· Your dad left "spiders" in bottoms of beer bottles because he said that was where the saliva had accumulated.

· Paul Schult (note correct spelling) did not paint during this period, but later, and attended Wash. U. school of Fine Arts.

· Chet Baker didn't play at Jacovac's Tavern at Manchester & Ecoff. Your dad was a member of St. Louis Jazz Club which held monthly meetings at various venues depending, I guess on cost and who they could get to play. Baker played at a small club on the south side of Delmar just east of Debaliviere. Yes, we sat front row, right under Baker, and yes, you lay on your stomach across my knees and slept, not waking until we got up to leave at the end of the night. Around this same time our good friends, Bill (great pianist) and Georgia Shearer threw a farewell party for Bob and Ann Tschudin (spelling?), who were moving to San Juan PI and we put you on a quilt under their piano where you slept through most of the live music. WHY AREN' YOU DEAF?

· I didn't know Dolly Jacovac thought I was nuts! Hmmpf! Oh, well, we always liked each other! In fact, I have pleasant memories of time spent at the Jacovac Tavern (although I don't drink), at the Jacovac clubhouse (including Shearer's and Kornacher's, and later after without your dad at the Jacovac home on Magnolia with you and your brother, Patrick.

Love, your Mom


tonpatti said...

It's about time Carol straightened things out. I can't believe these stories. You are lucky to have such a hipster mom.

She saved me from starvation one long summer, and typed my first novel, The Protoplasm Trip!

mommo1 said...


Our apt. at Enright & Goofellow was on the southwest corner. Building no longer exixts.

Your Mom