Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Homosexual Ghost

I can’t remember if it was 1983 or 1984. My girlfriend at the time was either Lisa Sherman or Lora Steffen. I was living with Stephen Martin on Oregon in South St. Louis. We were living in a 2 family flat. His bedroom was at the back of the apartment. Mine was a large storage closet at the front of the house. I was just able to fit a single mattress and a large book case.

Between our rooms we had the rest of the apartment filled with a recording studio. We were doing audio for the St. Louis Hockey Blues commercials and various solo projects.

One night around 3 or 4 in the morning I was in bed in the dark about to go to bed. I could still see by the street lights that lit the room.

I heard my girl friend come into my room. I was happy to have company. My eyes were closed and my back was to the door. She crawled into bed and spooned me from behind. I reached around behind me and rubbed her ass. Something compelled me to reach around front. I grabbed what became an erect penis in my hand.

I am in no way homophobic or superstitious but I screamed, turned to find no one else in the bed, flew out of the room and jumped over all of our recording equipment. I woke Steve up and made him sit up with me for the rest of the night. “Do you believe in the paranormal now?” he asked. “No,” I coughed feebly.


sharon said...

oh man... who says you don't have a sense of humor? i never heard this story before and i'm looking forward to hearing steve's version.

Skydivers said...

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