Monday, January 28, 2008

The Lost Week End

Here we are at the last day of my 50 party. Pictured are Fojammi, Mark Gray, Me and Tony Patti. Don't look like 4 artists, do they? Tony asked if the people at the party were my skydiving friends. I told him they weren't. My buddy Fran Weber asked if they were my musician friends. I told him they weren't. Who were these people?
It reminded me of a Salvidor Dali memoir. In an entry titled "How to be a hyper-snob" . He wrote he wasn't making money yet and his bohemian friends invited him to dinner. He declined saying that his rich patron friends had already asked. The same day he turned down an invitation from the rich patrons with the excuse that he was spending the evening with his bohemian friends. He almost starved during this time.
Valerie and I took my kids to the Soulard dog parade. We ran into Joanie, Patty and Tommy Thomas. Barb and Michael Jackson were there too.
Sharon supplied the photo

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