Monday, August 25, 2008

A Retraction

A good friend of mine told me I should change the names in my stories to avoid hurting anyone. I haven’t written a lot of stories for that very reason. I wanted the facts to be accurate when I was gone.

I’m beginning to reconsider.

Monica wrote me and I got a lot of facts wrong. She was very upset and I don’t blame her.

The most important in my opinion was the band Bad Company. I said they were racist and didn’t treat her well. I don’t know why I thought she said that or where I heard it. She says they’re friends and great guys. They don’t deserve my characterization. She married Steve Price from the band and they’re still good friends.

The wimpy white boy remark came from a talented St. Louis photographer I’ve actually done a session with. She must have been at Faces that night and I must have just seen Monica talking to the Asian girl. I am sad that the photographer found me wimpy, I loved her work.

The remark about Jeff hiring me because I’d slept with Monica was a joke on Jeff’s part and I naively thought it was flattering to her and me.

Last but not least Monica is only 5’10”--- It must have been the pumps.

If I’d used made up names I never would’ve gotten the truth. I’ve been trying to find Monica for ages and now I have her phone #

I’m calling her now


tonypatti said...

It takes at least two given friends to get past facts straight, I find. I hope she isn't upset long. The perspective is that nobody reads this blog, and the few who do are either old acquaintances or sympathetic.

I hadn't thought about Monica for a long time since I never knew her that well and found the memories pleasant.

Doggie said...

She was very cool about it all. Some of my memories about it are correct. The racism thing baffles me though.

dominic said...

Reconsidering the use of real names unless you have clearance is a good move, i think. Though nothing you could say about me personally could do more damage than i've done to myself, clearing it with me would at least be courteous, and at most- avoid a libel suite if the facts effected a third party. heheh.

I know you want to be totally up front and honest with the facts as you see them- maybe you should open a "footnotes" section of the blog that is accessible by a password you can give whoever requests it.

just a suggestion- keep up the wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

Hey David, I have a sort of Monica story, at least this is how I remember it. Back in '85, I was living with my first wife Marian, before she was my first wife down on Utah. Actually she is my current and only wife so far. We had planned a trip to Europe and you (David) and Monica aggeed to spend the night and take us to the airport in the morning. Well you slept in this sort of "livingroom" separated by a thick sliding door. Fast forward to the morning, you guys took us to the airport and I'll never forget that as we got out of the car, Monica said to me, "Tracy, someday I'm gonna do this, I'm going to go to Europe too.." Boy did she ever. Monica if you read this, Hi!! Good job! love, Tracy

moreed said...

David I could never be upset with you I was more worried about the unfair view of my ex=husband and the guys in Bad Company who are all my good friends to this day as are you. thank you for the apology and retraction. As far as anything else goes we were all high or drunk or crazy or all of the above back then and I have no regrets as IT WAS GREAT FUN!! LOVE YOU LOADS MY FRIEND.

Monica Reed