Saturday, September 6, 2008

Breaking Up update

Sharon has told me several times to keep my posts short. It makes them more readable. I think if I wasn’t paying attention each entry could fill a small book. There are a few things I’d like to add to the last post.

Last weekend was Labor Day and I was ready to spend all three days in the studio getting down to business. Saturday evening Rib Tip and Ben’s band were playing at Lafayette Park. The Havey’s came into town. Valerie and I met up with them and Sharon at the park. Afterward a friend of Jim’s talked us into going to a Karaoke bar on south Broadway.

The Haveys decided to stay with us. I spent all of the next day nursing a serious hangover and sharing old stories. I wish I would have recorded our conversation. Jim has enough material to fill several books.

I never stepped foot in the studio last weekend.

The photo I used was us posing in front of a mural of Bix. Davenport was his home town. Bix was to my dad, what John Lennon or Eno is to me.


tonypatti said...

Bix is always on my mind. The other day I discovered I could print out my midi files all written out like real music or something and the first thing I thought, after I got over the thrill of seeing some notes I played all written out in scratches and dots like Mozart himself had written it, was how much Bix would have loved this. Bix would have flipped. Who knows what "In a Mist" would have become.

Doggie said...

I've had this software for years. You used to be able to get a cellist for $20.00 an hour from Wash U. Just imagine!!!