Saturday, December 13, 2008

On Being Vegetarian

For some reason my vegetarianism is a pain in the ass for some people. I’ve been one since 1979. I had visited factory farms and read a lot about corporate farming. I never tried to change anyone’s mind. I just didn’t want to be part of it.

People tried to convince me I wasn’t going to make a difference. I think the only power we really have is how we spend our money. I think there are others like me and together we might make a small difference.

My daughter became a vegetarian a couple of years ago and my ex is pissed at me about it.

She wanted to get her a guitar strap for Christmas. I told her I would find one that didn’t have any leather in it. I guess it hadn’t occurred to her there were animal products in things other than food. “Don’t you dare put those stupid ideas in her head!” she scolded. She already feels put out that she has to accommodate Chloe’s diet.

I think PETA has set the cause back years. You don’t change people’s opinions by polarizing their passions. It’s like people that bomb abortion clinics. What are you thinking?

We live in the land o’ plenty. There are cultures where eating animal is necessary for survival. I would too under those circumstances.  I don’t have to here so I don’t.

I remember a conversation I had at the Oyster Bar with a customer of mine. I said it wouldn’t be so bad if the animals could live a happy, healthy life instead of continuous suffering before they were harvested. She actually got mad at me about this. She said I wanted to lull them into a false sense of security before their lives were suddenly snatched away. The logic of the world we live in??!!

People are pretty set in their ways but if we could just stop eating cows the world would improve greatly. With several stomachs, cows produce methane from both ends. Methane is worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. The cows people eat now aren’t nutritious anyway. We’ve subsidized corporations like ADM to produce corn for feed. Cows need to graze on grass. It actually changes their chemical composition.

Something like %75 of the fertilizer produced for this corn runs into the Mississippi. This feeds massive amounts of algae in the delta. The decomposition of the algae robs the water of oxygen and nothing animal can live there. There is a dead zone in the gulf the size of New Jersey and it keeps growing. The gulf is probably our nation’s most important fishery by the way.

This entry would probably be more appropriate for my political blog but I’m 50 and I’ve been a vegetarian longer than not. 


Rev. Donald Spitz said...

You seem to imply there is something wrong if a babykilling abortion mill is burned or bomb. Which do you prefer, a pile of bricks or a pile of dead babies? Innocent unborn babies deserve to be protected just as born children deserve to be protected. You would have no problem protecting born children if they were about to be murdered.
SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.

Doggie said...

This is just the kind of superstition that is making Hell on earth. This poor person will never understand reason. You can't get angry, you can only feel pity.

Doggie said...

I wish I knew if this was really Donald Spitz. He's quite a celebrity asshole.

...Sharon said...

Wow Doggie... what do you think caught his attention? Was it the subject of vegetarianism? Interesting. Maybe he's been a fan of yours since you made "Blog of the Week" with that story about your brother's penis and the fondue fork.

Doggie said...

What grabbed his attention was that I gave him the impression I thought abortion clinic bombers might be almost as misguided as celerities who splash paint on people who wear furs. Of course bombing clinics is justified by God's infinite tough love for us.

Doggie said...

According to Site meter he spent 14 seconds at my site. He's probably Googling anything with abortion clinic bombing in it. He has time for this because he'll spend eternity sitting by God's side as he sits in his regal glory judging our spiritual worth. Life is short. It's too bad so many think death is everlasting existence. What a waste of our precious time.

Anonymous said...

What blows my mind is Spitz, a self-proclaimed "Man Of God" seems to be condoning bombing and burning, acts which could and probably do injure people. This is not a concept I gleaned as O.K. from my Sunday school lessons and from years of reading.

This is a "Man Of God"?

This is the sort of sinning and hypocrisy that makes it hard to consider organized church groups a viable ethiccal guide.

David's (Doggie's) Mom

Valerie Pennington said...

Dear Rev. Donnie -
Bombing to protest abortion is like screwing to protest abstinence, ya big lug.
BTW . . . what I do with my bod is none of your business.
Love, Valerie

somesaxplayer said...

"Which do you prefer, a pile of bricks or a pile of dead babies?"

Well bricks are harder to load with a pitchfork.

David: feel free to delete this reply after you read it ;)