Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I wrote an optimistic if naive story for Associated Content about the wonderful things I’d seen in my 50 years.

Several of us turned 50 last year including Valerie, Fojammi, Tony, Benet and just a little farther back Dominic and Sharon. (Gorski what about you)?

Speaking for most of us 50 is a M$th&r F*ck#r!!

Valerie and I lost our cars. Everyone was out of work. Our vision is fading. The aches and pains are becoming intrusive. It takes longer to walk off hangovers. I think I still have one from the party Valerie threw for me last year.

As I turn 51 I like to think maybe I can leave 50 behind, move on and never look back. Kind of like the Bush administration. It’s going to take some time but if we keep working at it things will improve. Hey, come to think of it maybe a lot of the pain was because of George Bush!

The return of spring should thaw my arthritic joints. I’ve always thought April 16th (the day after tax day) was symbolically a beginning for fresh optimism. (As long as I’m not audited)

Until then there’s always February 2nd Groundhog Day, my favorite holiday. Not to mention the Soulard Mardi Gras Dog Parade, the world’s most dazzling spectacle.

At least my friends and I have gotten to watch each other grow old. Most of us are still around.

My son is still under the impression I’ll live to be 100. Of course he saw me as skinny when I was fat and young when my hair turned gray. I guess that’s the prejudice of love.

I’ve been criticized for being overly sentimental but nostalgia has always been my great passion.

Like my article last year, when I talk about growing old I begin to ramble. 

Happy birthday to us.

I love you all and you know I mean it!

Pic is Dylan and me at Noel and Dennis’ New Years Farm Party


Anonymous said...

well, ill be 50 in april,a nd im sort of looking forward to it! i get to join aarp and get all those great discounts, and so far, the only grey i have is in my beard. that pic of your son dylan sure looks like patrick. geo

Anonymous said...

Damn time goes by quickly, two more weeks I will be 53! John Gorski

Tony Patti said...

Dylan looks like he's the coolest kid who ever walked the face of the earth. Amazing how kids leapfrog their ancestors so effortlessly.

...Sharon said...

Awww, you fail to mention you've accomplished a lot this past year, old man...
You moved to a nicer place, survived being hit by a car while rollerblading and yet, you're not old and grumpy enough to sue the driver. You continue to stay in shape with early am rollerblading as your band friends are getting home from their night's work. You continue to constructively parent your two children, with never missing a beat (I said beat - NOT "beating"!). You threw your first surprise! party, successfully for your girlfriend. You've been in closer contact with many of your old friends more so than when you lived exciled in the county. You write what, three different blogs on a regular basis. You still work on your music on a regular basis and even wrote a pop song! You've done a lot this year even though it's not the rocket science you're accustomed to - I know you've had bleaker years.
David, you've overcome every obstical thrown your way and will continue as you are a survivor. Creative. Talented. Opinionated and yes, still handsome. Just a good guy who's survived another year - your way.

Happy Birthday DUdell!

Love ya always.

dommie said...

I know geo says Dylan looks like Patrick but when i first saw the picture i thought it was Zapp.

Sharon is absolutely right- we've had bleaker years, though once they're over we glance back with rosie colored pictures at all the good points while current crises' get focued in on like a laser bean.

Doggie said...

Earwacks takes off again into the wind!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment Tony, nice uses of Cap'n refrences, and I never said young dad lol just kidding.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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