Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Word of Caution

The name Dick Gregory has been popping up in my life lately. Most of his family lived in Laclede Town. Laclede Town was an urban experiment in St. Louis in the 60s. I’ve gotten involved with a FaceBook group devoted to it.

In the 70s my friend George bought a juicer. He was inspired by Dick Gregory who had been living on a strictly liquid diet. We decided we should try fasting.

My body must have been resilient with youth. When I fasted I was smoking and drinking a lot of Cokes.

We were living in the Central West End. There was a restaurant there called Dressells. They served a veg plate with a really good curry dip.

I fasted almost 2 weeks when I was overcome by an urge to consume an entire plate. They were large and meant as an appetizer for a group.

For some reason I was looking for George. I went to his girl friend Meg’s house. She lived in one of the mansions on a private street in the neighborhood. I knocked on the door and her father answered. He was an older man and seemed like the classic authority figure to me. As I attempted polite conversation I felt the need to fart. I thought I could sneak out a quiet one. There was an explosion in my pants. I quietly excused myself as I backed out of the house.

Never break a fast with raw vegetables.


Pic of Dick Gregory is from a page of the Mill Creek Valley Intelligencer November2, 1967. This was Laclede Town’s newspaper. He’s in front of the Coffee House where all the hipsters hung out.


Tony Patti said...

For some people, you might need to sketch out a picture of yourself standing before the straight laced Mr. Mitchell: Long black curly hair almost down to your ass, white overalls over a t-shirt, scruffy beard, the quintessential hippy from any superficial viewpoint. Is it even possible to describe what an assault on normal values you represented, standing there farting in front of a guy who played the game and ended up with this at his door?

Doggie said...

Man, it's like you were there. That's exactly how I was dressed!

dominic schaeffer said...

Dude- that's how you ALWAYS dressed.

Doggie said...

I was being facetious.