Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Brother's Anatomical Gift

My son just got his driving learner’s permit. I didn’t want him to drive until he was 35. It’s hard for me to accept his being that old. He’s excited of course.

He called to ask me if he should fill out the anatomical gift information on the back. I told him that it was up to him but I did.

I didn’t tell him my mother thought if you were in an accident and they needed a part, they’d just let you die.

He asked if he should donate any organ or a specific one.

I told him I signed for any part but my brother, his uncle Patrick, specified his head.


Tony Patti said...

Well, Patrick's liver probably won't be much use if he hasn't changed his ways significantly.

He wants his brain to live on in another body forever!

Anonymous said...

!!!Ive never thought or said I thought they just let you die if you donated on your driver's license!

How morbid!

That must have been someone else!


Doggie said...

I knew Patrick had ulterior motives. Mom you did say that to me jokingly once.

...Sharon said...
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Valerie Pennington said...

I think Patrick's brain should live on, and I've already told Dylan to alert me when he's on the roads so I can stay off them.