Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bob and Ollie

I'm not posting a new story this week.
I've removed some of my story about Ollie Matheus because it's causing a great deal of pain for someone in my comments section. Ollie was a truly unique person but had flaws. The bigger the personality, the bigger the flaws sometimes. Ollie told me some of the things I posted, but so have others.
I can't really see what's so offensive about my Burkhardt post. I love him too. I love both of them!
I agree that people find these posts because they're Googling Bob and Ollie, not because they're trying to find some nobody named doggie, David Udell.
I'm not quite sure where the person responding got the idea I was calling Ollie yellow. I put him out of an airplane when he was 60 and he was in poor condition. He wanted to try everything.
If you want to set me straight on everything, my email is
I will be happy to print a retraction.
As for the Soulard code, you have to be kidding!


Anonymous said...

It's so hard to figure out the thought processes of some people. I've never seen anything mean or hateful in any of your blogs. I guess because as everyone knows, who knows you, you don't have a mean or hateful bone in your body. that is illustrated by the fact that you still have every friend you ever made, going back to grade school, with the exception of those who have died.

Hope Ollie's relative can re-read original blog and understand that Ollie was someone you cared about!

Your Mom

Doggie said...

No, I did say something in it that I took out. Unfortunately it was something that a lot of people have said. In spite of that , I cared about Ollie. No one is perfect.