Monday, June 20, 2011


There’s been so much happening I haven’t had time to post. I’m going to try to put together a detailed account of the Wax Theatricks reunion show. It’s been a mind blower. We’ve all moved on musically but we’ll never outgrow what we were going for.

I did want to mention a few things I’ve learned while blogging.

It’s easy to hurt people’s feelings with your memories when you make them public. My friends are so colorful that they really do have a lot of baggage.

I mentioned I was at a friend’s house talking about another friend when we were teenagers. As is the case in so my of my teenage memories, drugs were involved. Her employer Googled her name, and although I said absolutely nothing about her and it’s been over 30 years, she was guilty by association. She was almost fired.

We’ve all been told nothing’s secret on line but this kind of behavior from employers is totally unacceptable.

I deleted a lot of inferences in my posts but I’ve discovered they still hang in the search engines.

To my friends who have asked me to remove their names, I have, but it may take a while to show up in the search engines. I’ve Googled your names and all appears to be well.

I love you guys and never wanted anyone to be hurt. Let’s face it, you are very colorful people with a very interesting story.

I’ll try my best to let you tell it.


Dominic said...

It takes strength, understanding and acceptance to make that statement, David. ... oh- and Love. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Well, once again I feel compelled to respond.

With absolutely no exception I can think of, I have liked all your friends. Some have had problems skating close to the edge, but all have been lovable and very interesting. I hate it that someone's employer would not only try to dig into that person's past, but would be offended by it. What's that old saying about "people living in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones?" Oh, wait! It's "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

Again, I have to say, you seem to have been able to keep your friends for years and years, which, to me, indicates you really do care about them.

Your Mom

Anonymous said...

I think some of my favorite stories of your friends are the ones I have heard from Mommo when she explains why she started to accept particular friends of yours.