Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lora 8/17/59 - 7/12/11


Tony Patti said...

Thanks, Dave. Nobody I know has a better collection of Lora Steffen photos. All I have is the back of Distances, which you could have thrown in here too.

I fell in love with Lora in 8th grade and was always, I felt, not good enough for her, because she intimidated me so much with her fierce intelligence. When I saw her a week ago last Tuesday at Barnes, she was really far gone physically, but I clung to what was left, her eyes, what little of her voice I could hear, her hands, her hair. Now I can't remember her like that at all, she's back to her ideal self, and these photos really help.

Anonymous said...

Good post, David. For those of us who knew her and loved her, words wouldn't have been enough!

Your Mom