Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Log Book

My kids and I are headed for the woods this weekend, so no time for a real post. I was looking through my jump log book and decided there were a lot of stories on its cover.

The fact that there’s an image of a 4-stack is interesting to me because I’m really a free-faller. I think those jumps must have made an impression on me.

The upside down patch on top is my Quantum Leap Orphan Patch. Quantum Leap was my home DZ for years. As I mentioned earlier, Sullivan wanted us out after the airplane crash. I really miss the place. The kids and I are camping at Meramec State Park at Sullivan this weekend. Come to think of it, my dear friend Lora who died a few weeks ago was living in Sullivan. Dominic, Danny and I visited her there at the end. I have a lot of history in Sullivan.

New owners took the DZ to Bowling Green and tried to make a go of it but it didn’t last.

I have my 4-stack patch sewn onto the cover. As well as my Gold Wings (1000 jumps), my Diamond Wings (2000 jumps), and my Gold and Diamond freefall badges—(12 and 24 hours).

The patch I feel I really earned is that Royal Order of the Crutch patch. That’s the one I got when Kim Tucker sat on my foot when we were doing a tandem. Last but not least is my Stiletto pin. I have a Stiletto 120 parachute. It’s small and fast. I’ve owned a lot of parachutes over the years and it’s by far my favorite!

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