Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Saturnalia

I decided to upload my mom’s Christmas CD covers since 1999. I’ve produced a song for her every Christmas since the late 70s. Gloria is from 2010. I’m still putting the finishing touches on this year’s song.
It’s just a sappy Christmas slide show of my kids over the last few years.
Chloe played flute and Dylan played acoustic guitar. This year she plays flute and Dylan plays bass.
Check it out---------

Also if you haven’t gotten the chance, check out my video from 1995. I didn’t have access to a studio that year, so I video-taped it. Dylan was a year and a half and Chloe wasn’t due until Valentine’s Day.

Also, there’s an older one from before they were born on MySpace. Remember that? Once in Royal David’s City features Yma Sumac on vocals.
Check it out------------

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