Saturday, April 28, 2012

Local Radio

I’ve never really been happy listening to music on the radio. It seems every genre has its schlock and that’s what they’ll play.
Occasionally our local access station KDHX plays interesting World, Old Blues or Pop music. I think my problem is that I listen while driving and it’s too distracting for me, so I listen to talk radio.
Larry King was great in the 80s. He was on the Mutual Radio Network and his show was in the middle of the night. Once they put him on TV I totally lost interest. That was right about when NPR started airing their news shows. They are still great. They do seem to pander to the right for fear of losing funding.
For instance, I’ve heard them called human based climate change controversial. 98% of climatologists say it’s a fact, but big money has put doubt in the American public’s little minds, so it’s controversial.
There are politicians who believe anything good will survive free market capitalism. People will support it with their money.
I think there are a lot of things we need exposure to that don’t create that happy feeling you want to pay for. You certainly can’t get in depth coverage of anything that strives to reach the biggest audience.
In my opinion Free Market media has been so dumbed down, it’s dangerous. We’re becoming a society of idiots. Look at our representatives. I don’t even think they’re evil, opportunistic charlatans anymore. I think they really are that ignorant.
Every time KTRS’s Frank O. Pinion makes a snarky remark about the fabricated Global Warming issue, I wonder why people refuse to take responsibility for their actions. If you shit in your living room, it’s gonna stink!
I know this post should be in my political blog, but believe it or not, I’m too frustrated to even think about politics anymore.
Local TV newsperson Charles Jaco was my favorite radio personality. I couldn’t believe he was as openly Lefty as he was. KTRS didn’t have the balls to support him, so it didn’t last long. Man he was funny!
It should give us pause that vulgar, hate pushers like Rush will never have to fear cancellation.
I used to enjoy Rush. He was so over the top, I thought his show was satire. When I listened to his Ditto Heads calling in, I realized these poor fools were for real.
In the late 90s, John Carney had a morning show on KTRS. I though he was great. He was so funny; I knew his show couldn’t last. When they fired him, I was one of the people who petitioned KMOX to get him. He finally got on, but his hours were never convenient for me.
I heard he was recently canned from a music format show on KEZK. What a mismatch. That could never have lasted. He’s way too much of a personality.
I ran into John at a benefit for The Heaters bassist, Rich Amsinger. I love those guys and have played several shows with them. Rich is battling cancer. Front man and drummer Mark Rogers is going through the same thing we just went through with Danny. I will do a real post about Mark and The Heaters soon.
Valerie called me yesterday to tell me JC Corcoran was fired at KTRS for being too controversial. I’m not really a big fan, but I do remember him making fun of religion and Climate change deniers.
KTRS has never had the courage to stand behind their talent.
Maybe this will leave an opening for Carney, but I doubt it.
John Carney, Charles Jaco and JC Corcoran.

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