Sunday, July 1, 2012

Marion and Tracy

Last week I posted that Tracy and Marion were waiting it out at a friend’s house while Colorado burned. I’m sure everyone who reads my blog knows by now that they lost their house.
Tracy says every day he thinks about something else that’s gone forever. He lost videos of his band Go Dog Go’s first and last performances. He lost his audio studio. I’m gonna make sure his next one is even better, but I guess that won’t bring back the recordings.
They went to their property to see if anything was left. Tracy told me they looked at each other and laughed just like he and I did when we came home to our looted apartment in the West End. We were in our early 20s and I can’t tell you what losing our stereo meant to us. Sometimes you have to be able to let go and move on.
Marion is a practicing Shambhala Buddhist Christian and it seems to be helping her attitude about the whole thing.
They love their property, but they’ve decided to find a house closer to the road. Marion says she’ll have to get used to not walking around naked. I’m surprised after all they’ve been through she even cares.
We’ve all been through hell already this year but I think Buddhism agrees with Marion. I ran into her at Fojammi’s wake at Duff’s and she looked younger and happier than ever.
Apparently a lot of people want to know how they can help but right now they just want to figure out where to go from here.
We’re all behind you guys. We love you and you know it!


Tracy said...

Hey doggie. An update and some clarifications. The cat (Clawdia) was evacuated to the humane society only temporarily. The system is set up here so that there is places to take livestock and pets during disasters like forest fires which are not uncommon. I've also seen several instances where there was no time and people had to spray paint their phone number on the side of horses and set them loose. But Clawdia is in a foster home now until we get another place. Also wanted to let you know that I backed up all my important files including my music to an external hard drive which is one of the things I took with me. :) now the Really good news is we will most likly put putting a contract on an amazing mountain home this week.

Doggie said...