Saturday, July 18, 2009


Sometimes I go through old photos for inspiration for my posts. I noticed my state of being at a particular time was pretty well illustrated by my hair.
When I began to grow my hair in the high school band picture, I began to defy my mother. Then there’s the pic where I’m packing my back pack to hitch hike to Indiana for a Jethro Tull concert.
The pic where I’m drinking a Coke with a halo over my head was me at my Jesus best. This was my band Earwacks in the mid 70s.
I didn’t want to be in a rut so I shaved the beard for the photo with the guitar cable wrapped around my legs. This was a VFW Post 555 in South St. Louis.
I actually sat on my hair going to the bathroom. I was so angry I had my girlfriend Lora cut half of it off. The only picture I have from then is the back cover from our LP Distances.
That haircut seemed half-assed so I took the plunge and cut it all off. You could tell I wasn’t sure how to deal with my new short hair in the pic of me at a party. I’m holding a beer and cigarettes and looking a little awkward. My buddy Matt O’Shea, who took it, wrote on the back, “Intellectuals shouldn’t go to parties.”
Then there’s the 80s pic of me in Mexico with short hair. Just befor this I was in the band Delay tactics. I shaved my head and it grew into my favorite hair style. I couldn’t find one of those pics. I think Carl Weingarten has some.
Somewhere in the 80’s I got sick of the slickness of the New Wave scene, grew my hair long again, jumped on my horse and rode into the wilderness.
The two mid length hair pics are from Jamaica. Drug dealers were trying to get me to run drugs to the states. I knew I was attracting the wrong element. The wet hair pic is me trying to disguise myself by cutting it. Unfortunately with short hair some Jamaican's thought I had money which caused new problems.
The picture in the Rocky Mountains is a few years ago with Tracy, Mark, Dominic, Benet, Danny and Vince. I was in the process of getting divorced. I was totally lost as you can see from the picture.
I found my way again when I met my new girlfriend Valerie. I tried to grow my hair again when we got an apartment near Tower Grove Park. That’s the pic with the guitar. Somehow my hair never gets past the awkward stage now that I'm older.
The comin' atcha pic is the most recent at our current apartment.
I guess it’s time to start experimenting with dyes.


Tony Patti said...

Experiment with hair dyes and then watch your hair fall out next. It's full cycle.

dominic schaeffer said...

dye it rainbow like Todd or Torry Starbucks!

just never ever ever ever ever EVER shave your head. (okay maybe once)

Doggie said...

That's what I was saying. I did shave it once. I was in Delay Tactics at the time. A week later it was the best haircut I ever had.

Anonymous said...

i dont care what you wear your hair like these days, i'll always think of you with the long-assed hair and the white overalls! by the way, i haven't cut my hair in 8 years, but it's not getting any longer these days, just thinner... Geo

Doggie said...

I try to grow it every few years but it's just not the same.