Sunday, July 5, 2009


This and my political blog are works in progress. You may have noticed a post can change from day to day. I'm not really a morning person but I usually hit the ground running in the morning anyway.
I couldn't believe how much was wrong with both posts this weekend.
I should write my post and let it sit for a day before I publish it. Sometimes I look at a post later and realize I didn't say what I wanted to or it doesn't even make sense.
I feel guilty if I don't post first thing Saturday morning. For me it's the only writing discipline I have. It's kind of a first step to spending a couple of hours every day.
Some of my posts may seem like they're written by a different person. What you're seeing is the editing process at work. I like it but I do feel a little exposed.
I like to check my site meter to see how many people are reading. The report also gives the time they read. Most of the hits seem to happen before the rewrite. It's maddening but I don't think i can change the way I work.
What do you think?


Tony Patti said...

I had no idea you were changing the posts after I read them. It would be somewhat monotonous to read a blog post over and over just to see what changes you had made.

I suggest you write them the same as you do now, except that you wait a week until publishing. That way you can start writing a new post right after you finish editing last week's post, and it'll be like a warm-up to writing the new one.

You might even get more connected posts out of it, too, which might be good but not any better than radically different posts.

...Sharon said...

So, watddya sayin'? Doggie? You weren't intentionally trying to stir things up? OR you didn't stir it up enough?

It's always best to remove yourself from it so you can see it with fresher eyes and mind. I let mine settle down before hitting the 'publish' button, whether art or words.

dominic schaeffer said...

Let them rest a day, do the editing and publish on Sunday.

The only blatant re-write i've seen you do was the "Breakthr- ahem- LaClede West" post... i thought it was funny and your point was well made.

You might think about reserving re-writes for facts gotten wrong and doing the "what i really meant was..." revisions in the Comments section.

I love this blog!