Saturday, December 19, 2009

Burl Ives

My kids and I were in a super market last night shopping for dinner. The usual seasonal Muzak drifted mostly through our subconscious. Burl Ives’ Holly Jolly Christmas began to play. My son Dylan reminded me of a review my band Wax Theatricks had gotten years ago.

We had just released our last LP and it was winding its way through the rock press. I was rifling through our old releases but I couldn’t find it. A reviewer from Hawaii really liked it.

There’s nothing that strokes a song writer’s ego like seeing your lyrics printed in a newspaper. After the kind words he went on to say, “but the singer sounds strangely like Burl Ives.” That was my buddy Dominic and I don’t think anything ever cut him as deeply. I still think it’s funny as Hell!

Wax Theatricks promo pic by Matt O'Shea circa 1981


Tony Patti said...

Is that what finally got Dom to stop drinking?

Doggie said...

No, kicking him out of the band did.

Dorothy said...

Just recalling the way Dominic's speaking voice sounds, I can believe in a minute he would have Burl Ives voice!!

...Sharon said...

Bet you could sell your Xmas songs Doggie, if you get Dom to sing on them. America loves Burl Ives!

Dominic said...

For the record- I quit drinking the first of January, 1988- 90 days before i joined what was then 39 Steps and subsequently Go, Dog. Go!... so playing music again was a gift of sobriety and not the reason for quitting. Certainly, being kicked out of the band was a milestone of my drinking career but I continued on for 5 or 6 years after that. I played in The Rhythm Method and Bob Reuter Band whilst drinking myself to death. When I realized death would be a welcomed relief- THAT's what finally got me to stop.

(this reply has been mildly therapeutic for me- thanks!)

oh- and Burl Ives? Though feigning hatred of it I secretly held that review as one of the major accomplishments of my life!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm really starting to look like Burl Ives these days. Dom, you could stand behind me while I mouth the words , "Silver and gold, silver and gold..."

its Tracy talkin