Sunday, December 13, 2009


Valerie, the kids and I went to the highway 64/40 reopening last Sunday.

Whenever I see a person in a suit at a public function I always make a crack about it being the mayor. Sure enough, this time it was mayor Slay and I was totally oblivious as usual.

My kids were excited about walking where speeding cars would be. I could only think about the thousands of miles of American Interstate my buddy Dominic and I hitchhiked as teenagers.

I am definitely jaded.


...Sharon said...

Great pictures! So were you relaxing on east-bound or west-bound?

Did Dylan cut his hair?

Doggie said...

We's headed west of course. Yep Dylan cut his hair. His mom talked him into by pointing out that Kurt Cobain had this new haircut.

Valerie Pennington said...

I think I was Eastbound just for variety.

Anonymous said...

pat and i used to walk on 170 before it opened up, there was something cool about being on a highway that isn,t ready yet, like 44 in the days of it's being bult