Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Highlands

My friend Tracy asked about The Highlands that was on the other side of the Arena from us. It was one of St. Louis best amusement parks. It burned down in 1963. The charred skeletal remains of the roller coaster stood as a grim reminder for a very long time. It still haunts my memories. Check out this site. The photos are spectacular!


Tracy said...

That place was like a wonderworld to me, an oasis of some kind. I have this memory of the sun shining bright and these rockets things like in the picture of from your link, (aerojets?) but I remember them being enclosed and full of people standing. I could see them in there like through a top sunroof.... or was that the twilight zone? I can see them plain as day, enclosed rocket ships kind of like those enclosed ski lifts and each rider could somehow control the thing independent of the other riders (not possible I know)and I wanted to get in there tooo!!! yeah I guess that was an episode of the twilight zone..But I can see it in my mind at the Highlands I did ride some rides and swim in the pool there. The pool, now that would have been the place to be during the fire

Tracy said...

Oh and I love your comment "The charred skeletal remains of the roller coaster stood as a grim reminder for a very long time." Now say it like that voice on "City Confidential" lets add more, "The hulking remnants loomed like the stench of decomposing roadkill on a rural road in a small town where every one claimed to know every one else but did they? Hmmmm? Did they? The empty smashed aerojets had flown their last flight and now stood like silent smug sentries, grinning through clenched turnstiles, cruely depriving the children of the future of their escape to the nether regions..

Doggie said...

Always waxing eloquent!