Wednesday, July 28, 2010

KXOK Corrections from Beatle Bob -- He would know!

Hello David,
Really enjoyed your KXOK memories on your blog. Don't know where your mother got the idea that tickets for The Beatles concert as Busch Stadium were being scalped for $20.00 since only 23, 000 + had been sold. And although it may have seemed that a thousand bands had played before The Beatles, the line-up consisted of Bobby Heeb, The Cyrcle,The Remains (great garage-band from Boston), and the Ronettes (minus Ronnie Spector).
And it was not The Aardvarks who opened the show, but another great local area band The Delrays who were managed by KXOK DJ Nick Charles, not Bruno J. Grunion. And it was Nick who was responsible for bringing The Beatles to Busch Stadium as well. And since he managed The Delrays, he got the juicy opening slot for that show. Nick Charles also had The Delrays record for his locally owned record label: Arch Records. The Delrays released several great 45s on Charles' label.
And speaking about Bruno, it was Don Pietromanoco who created the character and did his voice on the air (except when they talked over each other, then Don had studio tapes he played).
Anyway, keep up the great work on your blog.
Beatle Bob

My response----- The Aarvarks were featured often on KXOX and they were managed by Chuck Connors. I realize the main voice of Bruno was Don Pietromanoco who was also Johnny Rabbit but Chuck occasionally did Bruno's voice at live gigs. The show was a great as the Winchell-Mahoney Show in my opinion and I still can't believe they erased all those tapes! I'm not sure why I thought the Aardvarks opened for the Beatles. I was 7 or 8 at the time. I also can't remember when I my mom told me scalped tickets were $20.00 but she confirmed she would have been able to afford the regular ticket price.

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Tracy said...

Yes! The Aardvarks. I had been trying to remember their name. I saw them open for Pacific Gas And Electric in 1970 (maybe 69)at Kirkwood Highschool. They played I want You (She's so heavy)!! It was wonderful