Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Notebooks

Last week I tried to give a little background to my taste in art that led to my love of my favorite painter Remedios Varo. It was way too ambitious. I didn’t talk about her at all and I couldn’t even scratch the surface of all the people and movements that have meant so much to me.

Maybe I’ll start a new blog with each post devoted to a single painter.

I went through a lot of my old notebooks looking for Tony Patti’s drawing of his Multi-Diagonal Mighty after last week’s post. I never could find it but the sheer volume of notebooks I filled up in my youth was staggering.

Independently of each other, my friends and I all used to carry notebooks around. We’d fill them with stories, poetry, songs, plays,film scripts and art. I even made flip animations on the sides of my notebooks. If I ever get the energy, I’ll make Flash animations out of them. I never did keep a journal, which I regret now.

We’d experiment with automatic writing. I wrote stories together with friends and we played the game “The Exquisite Corpse”.

To play, one person would start a picture or story and expose the very end to the next player where they’d pick it up. The finished product could get pretty surreal and sometimes downright hysterical.

Here are pics from various notebooks---------

  1. A drawing of me bussing tables at Duff’s Restaurant around 1976 by my buddy Bill Schmidt. I used to bring home food I found in the bus pans to feed my roommate Tracy. He thought I was buying the food.
  2. A 2 page spread by my buddy Fojammi around 1977 or 1978. On second thought, it might be Bill.
  3. An imagined image of my boss Mr. Wong at the Lantern House Restaurant in University City. I used to wash pots and pans and it was almost impossible to please him. He would yell, “Too Gleasy!” Fojammi did this around 1977.
  4. Another picture of me by Tony around ’77 of ’78.
  5. A pic by Dominic around 1977. Note the penis arm.
  6. A prototype of a batik I did about God. The batik portrayed God as Louis Armstrong playing his horn. His music is all of creation. I wish I still had the batik, it turned out quite well.
  7. Another by me around ’76 “The Saliva Sisters” .
  8. Another page by Bill with 3 panels. The bottom one is a futurist druggie scolding a square. He’s telling the square to “Get Jarve”, a 2013 way to say hip done in '77. The middle panel is me in a room full of weirdo squares.
  9. A 1980 pic of some fat monster. I can’t remember who did it.
  10. The last one is a Logo Dominic was working on for our band Wax Theatricks. It’s an actor made of wax holding a flame skull. His head is also a flame. Click on them to enlarge


Tony Patti said...

Thanks for thinking of me, David, but actually none of those drawings are mine. What you thought was mine might be Dan's, but I can tell I didn't draw any of these pages. The fat monster looks like a Stefacek to me, too.

It's possible that I did the lower right hand corner of number 4, if anything, but it might not be you I was drawing, mostly because the nose is way off.

Doggie said...

Yeah, they probably are Danny. Do you have a copy of The Multi Diagonal Mighty?

Doggie said...

I'm sure the one of Shaun hanging from the tongue with my profile is yours.

Tony Patti said...

I have some notebooks, but I can't identify which drawing you might be thinking of unless we GET TOGETHER ONE OF THESE DAYS!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it that even though you aren't in the physical proximity of each other much these days, all of you friends, long time and otherwise, are able to maintain communication through the computer, complete with illustrations!

David's Mom

Doggie said...

Hey number 4 might be Lora Steffen!

Tracy said...

yeah I really appreciated you feeding me from the buspans when I didnt know that thats where the food came from. You really could bring home the bacon. I couldn't understand how you could afford to bring home this food and it usually had a bite out of it which I assumed was you taking a bite. I remember a particularly good rueben sandwich and how you looked at me out of the corner of your eyes as I ate it (I guess to see if I was going to get sick and die)

Anonymous said...

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