Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Time with Valerie

I found an old hard drive and decided I should hook it up to my PC for more storage. What a stroke of luck! I found a bunch of photos and MP3s on it.

I’m sure I have the photos backed up somewhere, but I’d forgotten about them. Most of them are pics of my kids through the years. My greatest burden is a sense of nostalgia I can’t seem to get away from.

My girlfriend, Valerie’s birthday is Monday. She pointed out we’ve been together for 6 years. When we first got together, my kids were very young. 6 years seems like a few months to me, but my kids have grown into young adults in that time.

Valerie worried that my kids wouldn’t like her. Much to the consternation of my ex, they love her. The same can’t be said of Kim’s fiance.

Chloe had the hardest time accepting the changes. She kept a cold distance for a while. Dylan seemed to have no problem at all. He can talk right through any disaster you could imagine.

In these few years we’ve gone from fingers in a belly button and too much candy to worries about drugs, sex, and driving.

We’re juggling college and the threat of dropping out altogether. Is there a realistic way to focus on the pursuit of happiness and stability?

Every time I look at the old pictures, I miss my babies. Now they just want to be taken seriously as people.

Valerie has had to put up with a lot of my family crap. I’ve spent more time dealing with my ex than on her. She’s even said Kim has 2 husbands. When we plan our time I usually try to include my kids and I know our time alone is important to her.

Happy Birthday Valerie!

Early pic of Valerie and me at the Free Fall Convention in Rantoul, IL.

Dylan, Valerie, and me at a Dennis Connelly party this year.

Valerie and me at a Jay Farrar show last spring. This was taken by a photo journalist and published on line.

Birthday kiss on my 50th birthday.

2008 Camping Trip with Valerie and the kids.

Dylan and Valerie on recently completed highway 40.

2007 Christmas picture of Valerie and the kids.

Valerie and me in a pool at my skydiving buddy, Mike Lambert’s birthday party.

An awkward Valerie with Kim and her fiancée at his property as my kids hunted Easter eggs.

My kids at Monk’s Mound, an early day trip we all took in 2004.

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Dorothy said...

Valerie has got to be an awesome "stepmom" smart, funny, practical, and looks like an Indian princess. She's my favorite of your girlfriends, too.