Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wax Theatricks Reunion

Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like reunion. Fojammi’s recent illness put the fear of God into us. Tracy decided we had to inflict ourselves on an unsuspecting public one last time.

Funkabilly played The Venice Café a couple of years ago and we had a 2 song Wax Theatricks reunion. It went well. Reagan had just died and with our typical flare for bad taste we played Ronald Raygun, our punk tribute to our least favorite president.

Several years ago we played at Duff’s 20th anniversary party. I was surprised how many new friends we had who had never heard the band.

It looks like we’ll be playing June 25th at Benet’s dinner club, The West End Grill. I would have preferred BBs because they would have videotaped it for us.

Rehearsals have been interesting. Dominic, Fojammi and I have been getting together, jogging memories and slowly realizing the material. We haven’t seen Benet yet. I’m afraid we may not get him until the show.

Tracy lives in the mountains of Colorado. We installed a program called Ejamming so he can rehearse with us via computer. There’s too much latency though. The timing is a little slow. So mostly Tracy make cracks at our expense as we plod along. It’s been fun.

I’ve been happily surprised by the strength of the music. We’ve been using an old live broadcast from KWMU and the records to help remember the material. We all agree we played everything way too fast. I’m sure it was the excitement of the moment. The material sure didn’t sound that fast to me back then.

I’d love to rerecord everything correctly. I know everyone else’s attitude is that’s all behind us, gotta keep moving forward. I think the music deserves the respect of another shot.

Fojammi came up with this song list and I like it. Dominic pointed out the half –hour drum solo going into an instrumental called Cold Hands is missing. We’ll have to make a decision about that I suppose.

When we released our last LP we also released Fojammi’s record Name Magic at the same time. With the exception of 2 songs it was really a Wax Theatricks record of songs Fojammi had written. For some reason we didn’t play his songs too fast. I told Fojammi I thought the band was finally maturing right as we were breaking up.

I had to communicate with Tracy about all of this recently. I had trouble getting in contact through email so I posted on his FaceBook wall. Our friend Dede took exception to my referring to the band as Wax Geriatrics.

The Wax Theatricks formerly Earwacks pic is the flexi-disc and first page of Carrie Lindsey’s magazine Noisy Paper, we miss her. Check out

The censored stamp refers to the disc pressers beeping out the word F&CK 4 times in the song Ronald Raygun. The word was only used 3 times, one was the word fun! Journalist Timothy Tyme was quick to point out, “There will be no fun under Ronnie’s rigid rule!”


Dominic said...

With no disrespect to Danny's list- i suspect that it will be a little different once we all get together for rehearsals.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited! I really, really wish you would re-record this playlist for CD. You guys were great! And I don't think it's just a mother's biased opinion. If you remember, my two girlfriends at the time, Linda and Diane, used to come with me to hear you play. You must somehow get this videotaped - by someone who can do a halfway decent job of it!

I want a copy!

Your Mom

Dorothy said...

Fantastic News! Now I can plan a vacation around that date. I didn't get to visit StL at all last year.
Hopefully you can get a good videographer on board. What fun! I know practice can be stressful, but I do hope y'all are having fun with it. Sending warm wishes and prayers your way...

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get a copy of the concert too. I have only a few scattered Wax Theatricks songs, and unfortunately never got a copy of the records when they were available. You have fans outside of St Louis!

Adam in NYC