Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Scrape

I have a routine on Saturday mornings. I get up early, write my blog, go rollerblading, spend a few hours in the studio and come home to a few beers and music with Valerie on our back porch.

Yesterday I decided to throw together some film I found as a surprise for the band. I started working around 6:00am and when I decided to take a look outside it was already getting dark. Man, I hate these winter hours.

I’m not sure who shot it, but I found footage of the band playing in the country. I could tell it was The Scrape right off the bat. I had footage of the band in my dad’s attic I shot for my movie Porkchop. How could I not use that too?

There was also a bunch of throw-away material I finally found a use for.

In the country film you’ll see Chris Howard, Jamie Blanke, Josie Christen, Pete Spoto, Moe (one of our roadies), my brother Patrick, Marge and Kay.

There’s a blurry shot of the only existing footage of Wuxtry Records in the 70s.

There’s also a blurry shot of Dominic and my girlfriend Jill clowning around in our apartment in the West End.

The photo is the original cover for the single by Matt O’Shea. He actually scraped a photo of me (that he took) with an exacto blade to get the effect. I thought it looked too much like Jerry Garcia and turned it down. He did do the final one, but I’m not sure I ever told him how much I appreciated all his effort.

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Anonymous said...

I always loved The Scrape, still do. I hope you have more material you can use like this. Such fun!

Your Mom

Dominic said...

That was/is absolutely fantastic.

Anonymous said...

while this is a great "coming of age" song, I've always meant to tell you from the first time I heard it, one phrase is classic - "we'll have chocolate milk and cigarettes". So evocative of your young ages when this was written.

Love, your Mom

Anonymous said...

I don't think it looks too much like Jerry Garcia, but I still think it's a cool picture.