Saturday, November 26, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors (Debris by Wax Theatricks)

It’s always been about the music.

When I was making 8mm films in the 70s, my aim was to eventually find a way to visualize music. Even before MTV, every time someone made a film featuring music there were people in it. I wanted to see the music itself.

I’m sure there were short, underground films out there, but I never saw one. The closest thing was Bach’s Toccata and Fuge in D Minor in the film Fantasia. Of course they had that unlimited Disney budget.

My experience of music involves shape, texture, patterns, and (for lack of a better word) dance. Imaging an artist playing the music misses the whole point of what I’m after.

Most of my life has been spent going after whatever that is. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds and time, I’ve had to keep most of it in my head.

The pursuit has had its ups and downs. I’m sure it cost me my marriage. My ex was always mad at me for spending so much time in my dungeon (basement studio).

Of course art is communication and if you don’t get it out there, it’s just masturbation.

Anyway, when I was a kid in the 70s, I spent a lot of time with a camera experimenting with smoke and mirrors.

I put together a small film made up of some of this stuff. I used the song Debris from the Wax Theatricks LP because it’s an instrumental.

It’s not exactly pure music because I used a lot of nature shots. It kinda looks like New Age film making now, but it was before that. Believe me “New Age” is not what I was going after.

As far as editing film goes, I miss the old razor blade and tape. It seems every digital edit I make affects the film negatively in two other places. I’ve had to use several editing programs because each has its own strengths. The learning curve fro each has been daunting.

I feel sorry for Fojammi because he was put in charge of producing the documentary of the Earwacks reunion. He’s been showing it to Dominic and me as he goes.Wow! We’ve been working on the audio end and it’s a lot easier.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! "Debris"! Another of my favorites! I'll always think of it as "Bicycling in the Breeze".

Love,Your Mom

Dominic said...

In the info section on YouTube you have it listed on Distances- it wasn't, to my recollection. It was on the Wax Theatricks album. So you can change the title to "by Wax Theatricks" because it was. ;) Fo Jammi was well in the band when we recorded this.

So it's "Debris by Wax Theatricks"

Doggie said...

Ah ha!