Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spreadin' Art

When we ride in the Banana Bike Brigade parades we usually get paid $5.00. I guess it’s for a hamburger when we get to the carnival that’s usually at the end.
I love all the small town festivals we’re in. I really think we’re the favorites of the parades. The kids line up so we can slap ‘em five as we ride by. Adults come up saying we inspired them with new ideas for their art class.
Yesterday we rode in New Athens, Illinois. It’s a perfect little town off the main road against the Kaskaskia River. You could drive right by it and not know it’s there.
I feel guilty that I get credit for the wonderful creations we get to ride.
Valerie, the kids and I became part of it when I ran into my friend Jon at a political rally downtown. He thought my kids would enjoy it. I think Valerie and I enjoy it more.
We usually grab a couple tables after the parade. We’re pretty conspicuous and folks come around to meet us. There are people with fascinating stories. The carnival owner told us his wife loved us and he had to say hello. They’re from Texas and they spend their entire life on the road.
New Athens has a historical society with a museum. I couldn’t imagine what they had so I went in. Among other things, they had ancient cheerleading outfits from the high school. It was an incredible look at America’s past.
The BBB are really about 5 or 6 people with friends coming in and out. Valerie and I joke that they only call us when it over 100 degrees and no one else will do it.
An artist named Uriel made the first bike and taught others. There’s Carolyn, Jon, Lori, and Chris who’s always working hard keeping the bikes road worthy.
It’s all about bringing art to the people and I think they really inspire everyone they come in contact with.
I told Jon there was no need to give us the 5 bucks, we just want to be part of it. He said, “Don’t let them hear you say that!”
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Dorothy said...

What a great thing to do! That sounds just like you and Val. And what wonderful memories for your kids, bravo!

Carolyn Burke said...

Thanks for writing about the BBB. Your story rings true !!!

bellrusso said...

Hi Dave, Nice to meet you last weekend! Very fun time in ole' New Athens. Hope to BBB with y'all again soon. :)

bellrusso said...

Hi Dave, Nice to meet you last weekend! Very fun time in ole' New Athens. Hope to BBB with y'all again soon. :)

Anonymous said...

you don't think i enjoy it as much as you? you and mom have this in common. there are countless occasions on which you and mom just assume me and chloe won't enjoy/don't enjoy something no matter how much we say we do. please don't just assume. if we say we enjoy it, it's because 9 times out of ten we genuinely do enjoy it.