Monday, July 9, 2012

Time Lost

I sat down at my computer Saturday morning around 7:00 to edit the Wax Theatricks film. When I looked up at the clock, it was 8:00 Sunday night. Needless to say, no blog.
I get emails when I’m tagged on Facebook. That’s the only time I go on. I see friends who must spend their entire lives there judging by the amount of posts, forwarded articles and thumbs up that cover my wall.
I have musician friend who tell me they won’t rehearse unless they get paid. Why not learn the material at the gig?
That’s how I feel about computers. The only time I ever felt like time wasn’t being eaten up by them is when I was paid. I could spend days trying to figure out a software glitch or assemble a pc at a workbench. Days gone with hardly anything to show for it.
I worked several years in the I.T. department at Harrah’s Casino. We used every kind of technology, network, and hardware known. Training had to be done on the fly.
A lot of time and money was wasted because they didn’t want to pay for training. That seems to be the current trend. I guess Harrah’s was ahead of its time.
I’ve built every computer I’ve owned since the mid 90s. I could never have afforded them otherwise. I’ve spent countless hours trying to install drivers for hardware that didn’t want to play with the rest of the system. Building good music machines has a learning curve.
When I kill hours on my own time, I honestly feel like I’m sacrificing my life for my art. Life’s too short!


sharon said...

...or perhaps LIVING your life as YOUR art.

Dorothy said...

BOTH of you need to finish your projects!! You just do. We are expecting it.