Saturday, August 4, 2012

Comfortable Under This Rock, Thank You

I’m sitting here, listening to Judee Sill’s The Kiss. She is definitely one of music’s great losses. I’m getting lost in the labyrinths of fate.
I had this summer all mapped out. I was gonna camp as much as possible but it’s been too damn hot. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in a tent when it’s over 90 degrees. I’ll never forget the night Dylan and I spent an entire night in my car with the AC.
I have 2 major skydiving events I’m missing. Last week a lot of my jumping buddies went down to Sullivan, MO for an annual memorial service for friends we lost in a crash. We not only lost dear friends but the operation had to close.
I haven’t been able to tear myself away from editing the final part of the band’s DVD, so I didn’t go.
This weekend is an old timer’s reunion in Taylorville, IL. My other drop zone in Vandalia has also closed. I’m still working on the film. I can’t afford it anyway. I know I’m going to regret not being there. The prospect of a bunch of non-current hot dogs trying to out crazy each other is pretty frightening anyway!
I was supposed to meet up with my friend Tom. We just got word that Tom broke his back during a bad landing in Ottawa, Il at Skydive Chicago. He was air lifted to Peoria. His wife Drea says he’s coming home soon and shouldn’t be paralyzed.
Maybe we’re getting too old.
The other thing we’re supposed to do this summer is stay with our friends Marion and Terry in Chicago. I’m going up once with Valerie and another time with my daughter Chloe. Chloe is fascinated with dinosaurs and is dying to see Sue, the world’s largest T-Rex skeleton at the Field Museum.
We should have gone by now but I have to finish this film. I’m working on the finishing touches so it shouldn’t be long. I just have to get a couple more important interviews.
Terry and Marion---- if you’re reading this, we are still coming!
They turned us on to something called the Megabus. We can get to Chicago for almost nothing. It’s a good thing (and a miracle) we didn’t go last week.
A Megabus on its way from St. Louis to Chicago had a flat, lost control, and veered into a bridge. One person died and dozens were air lifted to hospitals in St. Louis and Springfield, Il.
Sometimes inertia is its own reward.


Dorothy said...

Glad you're working on the edit, Dave. But do get some rest...

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